How do I earn for my writings on WordPress

How do I earn for my writings on WordPress

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Ways to earn for writings on WordPress

If you are a WordPress blogger and wants to earn for your writings on WordPress then there are several ways through which you can monetize your blog and make money. If you have a WordPress blog which is getting good amount of traffic then use the below methods for monetizing your WordPress blog.

WordPress earnings through Google AdSense


If your WordPress blog is getting more than 50k visitors per month then you can apply for Google AdSense and monetize your blog. In Google AdSense you will get paid for the impressions as well as clicks.

To apply for Google AdSense your WordPress blog should meet the below requirements :

  • The articles in your WordPress blog need to be unique and each post should contain more than 1000 words.
  • Your articles should be on the new topics. If you write articles on the old topics on which there are already thousands of articles written then possibility is there that your website may not get Google AdSense approval.
  • You need to write unique, high value content and not supposed to copy the content from other sites.
  • The number of blog posts need to be minimum 50 if you want to get the AdSense approval easily.

You can check more about the requirements that the website has to pass for getting AdSense approval from Google AdSense website.

WordPress earnings through backlinks


If you do not want to monetize your blog through AdSense or if you are facing any difficulty in getting AdSense approval then another best way to monetize  WordPress blog is through backlinks. If your website authority is above 15 and you have good traffic on your blog posts then you can register yourself on websites like link deploy and make money by providing backlinks to other websites.

Once your website passes all the checks, you need to do the registration which is free. After registration you will start getting orders from various websites that require backlinks, you can check the website and accept if the price offered by that website is fine for you. Here you will earn from 4 dollars to 8 dollars per month for each backlink. By providing more and more backlinks easily you can earn good money from here.

To check how exactly link deploy works visit link deploy website and read all the FAQ’s mentioned on the website.

Criteria for monetizing blog through link deploy includes :

  • The WordPress blog should have good domain authority. If your blog domain authority is high then you will get better offers from here.
  • Minimum 10 pages of your WordPress blog need to be indexed. To get approval from link deploy minimum 10 blog posts need to be indexed by the Google search engine. More number of pages means you can provide more number of backlinks.
  • The blog need to have decent traffic, good search engine ranking for keywords, better loading speed and quality content.

WordPress earnings through sponsored content


Another simple way to monetize the WordPress blog is through sponsored content. In sponsored content, you need to publish the content provided by the advertisers. The content will also have a link to the advertisers site i.e. a backlink to the advertisers website.

One such website that allows to monetizing your WordPress blog is website. Here you just have to add your blog and set the price for each post. Another best thing about flyout website is that there is no limit on the number of blogs, you can add any number of blogs in a single account. The next thing that you need to do after adding the blog is to choose the type of content that you would like to include in your WordPress blog. This helps the advertisers to identify your blog easily.

Criteria for monetizing WordPress blog through flyout are :

  • WordPress blog post should have good amount of traffic.
  • WordPress blog post should have high quality unique content.
  • WordPress blog should have good domain rating or domain authority.

If your WordPress blog meets above requirements then you can register in flyout website and submit your blog. Once the blog is added you need to wait for few days, the review team from flyout will review your blog and update the status. If your blog doesn’t get approved then you will see the status as rejected along with the reason. Fix those issues and submit once again for approval.

WordPress earnings through Amazon affiliate program


Another best way to monetize your WordPress blog is through Amazon affiliate program. Here you can include amazon products into your blog and generate commission for any sale that happens through the affiliate link. Here you will get paid even if the visitor purchases any other item within 24 hours through your link.

The methods through which you can easily monetize your blog through Amazon affiliate program is given below :

  • Find out the niche that is having less competition and good search volume. You can make use of tools like Ahref, SEMrush to find out the keyword competition and difficulty level. If you do not want to use tools then search in Google for the keyword to see the competition, if the search results are very less then you can pick that keyword and start working.

Ex: Let’s say you want to create a post for sweaters, go to Google and search for the keyword “sweaters                        below  1000” or “sweaters under 1000“.

  • Next thing is to create a post for that particular product. While creating post you need to write brief details, specifications etc about the product. Also include nice images related to the product.
  • Next you need to search the product in Amazon affiliate website that matches your keyword and copy the product affiliate link.
  • Include the product link within the post that you have created.

Remember that if you using iframe link then in a single post or page you can include only one iframe link. But there is no limit on adding the affiliate links in a post. If you want to include affiliate product’s more than one Image + Text links in a single post then you may have to make use of WordPress plugins that support this feature.

Hope the way of monetizing through Amazon affiliate program is clear now. Apart from Amazon there are many other partners that offer this affiliate program. Out of these you can choose any affiliate program that is best for you. But before using any affiliate program read all the Terms and Conditions carefully.

Hope now all ways to earn for writings on WordPress are clear now. First you can try with AdSense if you could not get AdSense approval, then you can register in link deploy or flyout. Along with these methods you can also use Amazon Affiliate Program through which you can earn a decent commission.