How to make lyrics website using wordpress

How to make lyrics website using wordpress


Lyrics website using wordpress

If you are planning to make a lyrics website using wordpress platform then you will find all the necessary details here.

Custom Domain and hosting for lyrics website

Before you start creating your lyrics website using wordpress first thing you require is custom domain and hosting. There are many services providers who are offering domain and hosting at reasonable price. Depending on the features good server uptime, free SSL, storage, CPU, emails etc. choose the best service provider. Domain you can buy it from anywhere but hosting is the very much essential part. Let’s say you purchased hosting service from unknown service provider who says that they will offer for cheaper price, if you face any issues related to server then your website will go down and your users will not be able to view your website.

Repeated issues related to hosting will also affect website’s search engine ranking. Hence before buying hosting solutions check the company’s review across several websites and then proceed.

Develop lyrics website for free (not using wordpress)

Another way to develop lyrics website for free is using blogger. In blogger there are two options available.

  • First option is using the blogger along with the subdomain
  • Another option is use your own custom domain and connect it to the blogger.

Problems of using blogger for lyrics website

There are some challenges in using blogger. Some of them are:

  • If you are using blogger subdomain i.e. then it may take some time for the Google to crawl and index your site. This is because sites that are built using get indexed after long time.
  • Another problem using blogger is the availability of limited number of themes or templates. In blogger you have to choose the theme or template out of the limited available themes provided by blogger. It is not possible to install your desired template or theme.
  • Another major problem is the customization. Modifying the template or theme is bit difficult when compared to wordpress. To do some of the customizations in blogger you need to have the knowledge of website coding. Tha best part of choosing wordpress is you do not need to have the coding skills.

Because of the above issues many people does not prefer to choose blogger and they go for various content management systems like wordpress or with static websites like html, php.

Tips on buying domain name for lyrics website

If you have not yet purchased the domain and you are planning to buy domain for lyrics website then check if whether domain containing the word “lyrics” is available. This is because presence of the word “lyrics” in the domain URL will help in Google ranking.

Example if you want creating lyrics website for songs then the search for the domains like or This song website is just an example you can search domains in the similar way based on your keyword.

Selecting lyrics website wordpress theme or template

After the domain name is finalized next thing that pops into mind is which wordpress theme or template need to be used for lyrics website. The answer to this question is there is no particular theme available for lyrics website. You can choose any free or paid theme and customize it as per your need.

Generatepress theme is the most commonly used wordpress theme. The great thing about Generatepress theme is that it can be used for any kind of blog.

Best thing about Generatepress theme are :

  • Loads faster
  • Simple
  • Mobile friendly
  • Easy to customize
  • SEO friendly
  • Available in both free and paid version

Let me explain another simple and best trick to find out theme for your lyrics website. Let’s say you have some lyrics wordpress website in your mind but you dont know the name of the theme. To figure out the name of the theme that is used for the wordpress website follow the below steps. You can use this method even if you don’t know any lyrics website, you just have to search in Google and open any lyrics website and follow the below steps.

Open the website of which you want to figure out the name of the theme. After the website is loaded completely, press CTRL+U or Right Click and Select View Page Source.

home page

Once the page containing source code is opened use CTRL+F and search the word “theme“. You can figure out the name of the theme by using this method.

page source

Note: This method works only if the website is built using wordpress content management system. If the website is static (built using html or php) or built using some other platform then it this method won’t work.

Starting with lyrics wordpress website

start with wordpress

Hope by now queries related to creating lyrics website using wordpress have been resolved. Till now we have understood the need of using wordpress for developing website, the difference between blogger and wordpress, the domain type that we need to choose for the website, wordpress theme or template that we need to use for the lyrics  website and how to figure out the name of the theme for any wordpress website. Next we will see some tips on starting with the lyrics wordpress website.

Creation of the new song lyrics page

new page

When a new song is launched then immediately create it’s lyrics page. When somebody is searching for the song if no one has created page for it and if Google finds the search result in your page then chances are higher that your page will be ranked easily.

Usage of SEO tools

SEO tools

Make use of SEO tools to identify what lyrics based keywords people are using to search, based on that create your page. These keywords also give an idea about how people are searching for song lyrics. Based on these keywords you can easily choose the keywords for creating new lyrics page for new songs.

Improve your site authority

domain rating

Increase your website trust score. Increase it’s domain rating or domain authority value. Build backlinks to your website so that in future whenever you create a new page it will rank easily. Make use of tools that help you in building backlinks through competitor analysis.

Make use of Google’s Question Hub

question hub

Hope you are aware of Google’s new feature which is Google Question Hub. If you enter song lyrics keyword here you will see the song lyrics people are searching for and you can build the pages for these questions and submit to Question Hub.

Start with long tail less competitive keywords

Since for a new website it is difficult to rank immediately initially start with long tail keywords. For a new website it is difficult to rank for competitive keywords that are having high search volume. Where as starting with long tail keywords that are less competitive and have good search volume can help you to rank easily without much effort.