Indian Hot Web Series

Indian Hot Web Series

Hot web series are nothing but new version of B Grade videos or clips which were available on Youtube and other platforms. When it comes to India, the most common thing which you can find in these hot Indian web series is the dirty talk along with bold and intimacy scenes.

Even though most of these hot web series contain adult content and sexy scenes but there are also some series which focus on the problems that our young generation is facing now a days in the society, family and other important things.

This article covers some of the popular hot web series that are available on ALTBalaji, ULLU, MX Player, Hoichoi and other OTT platforms.

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Top 5 Hot web series on ALT Balaji

Uncensored Hot web series

Uncensored is drama and erotic theme based hot webseries along with some fun and humour in it. The series is available on ALTBalaji for those who would like to watch it.

Each episode of the Uncensored hot web series is unique and have created lots of buzz over the internet. As of now Uncensored web series consists of 2 seasons. If you are in search of web series which has got lots of intimacy and bold scenes then Uncensored series will fit into your category.


Bekaaboo is a romantic thriller based web series with an IMDB rating of 8.2. The story of Bekaaboo series revolves around adult novel writer Roy who has all the wealth, name and fame.

The novel writer’s life was going perfectly well until one of his female admirers enters into his life. After when the female admirer enters into Roy’s life, he loses his fame, wealth and everything because of her.

He even loses his family, fiancee, reputation and career. To know whether Roy succeeds in getting back everything which he has lost you need to watch Bekaaboo web series.

Baby Come Naa Hot web series

Baby Come Naa is a fun filled romance and drama based hot webseries available on AltBalaji. In Baby Come Naa there are total 6 episodes.

The story of Baby Come Naa hot web series revolves around young man Aditya who will be having affair with two women at the same time. Both women are not aware of this. They will love him very much. His attempts to hide the truth from each other turn into farce when other characters connected to each of them visit to meet him.

If you want to know how Aditya manages to hide his affair and avoids the complicated situations that arise when he is in a relationship with two women you have to watch Baby Come Naa web series completely.


Apharan is a drama based decent web series without too much sexual content available on ALTBalaji OTT app. Along with good content in Apharan you will also find a good intense story and lots of entertainment.

Rather than just intimate and hot scenes Apaharan mainly focuses on the facts which are rarely discussed in the society. From the audience perspective Apaharan has received good ratings and reviews. Most of the audience who have watched this hot web series have appreciated it.

Love, Scandal, and Doctors

Love, Scandal and Doctors is a thriller drama based web series available on AltBalaji and Zee5 OTT Platforms. It is produced by Ekta Kapoor under the production of Balaji Telefilms.

The story of the Love, Scandal and Doctors hot web series is centralized around five medical interns, whose names get embroiled in a scam even when they have not done anything wrong.

Love, Scandal and Doctors series is focuses on how power, nepotism, sexual politics and competition create impact in medical profession.

Top 5 Hot Indian web series on ULLU

Size Matters

Size Matters is a comedy and drama based web series directed by Bandita Bora, Sumeet Kumar Sodani. It consists of 2 seasons with each season containing 6 episodes.

The story of Size Matters revolves around Manpreet who wants to fulfil her desires with a size that satisfies her completely. But Akash constantly does things he can’t control, frustrating Manpreet and she loses faith in him.

Will Akash be able to convince Manpreet? Does size really important in a relationship? To find the answer for these entire questions one need to watch Size Matters hot web series on ULLU OTT application.

SAAS BAHU & NRI hot webseries

SAAS BAHU & NRI is rated as the best web series of ULLU app which has lots of crazy things in it. SAAS BAHU & NRI is a part of Palang Tod web series.

The story of SAAS BAHU & NRI web series is about a small family consisting of a mother, her son and her daughter-in-law Payal. Payal will be leading a happy relationship with her husband. On the other side Payal also maintains a secret relationship with her mother-in-law without her husband’s knowledge.

Virgin Boys Hot Indian web series

Virgin Boys is a comedy and erotic based web series with full of fun and entertainment. Virgin Boys consists of 2 seasons in which each season containing of 4 episodes.

The story Virgin Boys web series revolves around Chuchu, Chomu and Gagan who are three close friends. Chuchu, Chomu and Gagan challenge each other to lose their virginity first and to prove who the romantic hero among them is.

Among the three friends, Gagan is very handsome and attractive in looking. You need to watch Virgin Boys if you want to know who is the real king of romance among these 3 friends.

Bambai char baai char

Bambai char baai char is a struggle and affection based web series available on ULLU OTT app. It is a drama and romance based hot web series which focuses on the lives and struggles of people which they encounter after when they movie to Mumbai city.

The story Bambai char baai char web series is centralized around a newly married couple who move to the city of Mumbai from their hometown in search of a job and a good life. Like all other People this couple also settles in slums due to their financial conditions.

The newly married couple after reaching Mumbai stay with their relatives in a small house. As the house is small it becomes difficult for the couple to have fun.

Fingertip Hot web series

Fingertip is a crime, drama and thriller based web series containing 2 seasons. The web series is available on Zee5 and ULLU app for the audience to watch. The web series focuses on the misuse of technology, the people behind it and it’s complications.

The story of Fingertip web series is about the notorious groups who take photos of people online through various sources and blackmail them. The web series however, it doesn’t put all the blame on technology, but focuses on the humans behind the technology that uses it.

Top 5 Hot web series on MX Player

Matsya Kaand

Matsya Kaand is recently released one of the most popular web series available on MX Player app With an IMDB rating of 8.9. Matsya Kaand is a crime, drama and thriller based web series consisting of 11 episodes.

The story of Matsya Kaand hot web series is based on a 18 year old boy Matsya Thada who will be in jail. Matsya plans to escape from the prison with the intention of taking revenge on his stepfather and succeeds. After a few days he meets a co-prisoner Anand Pandit whom Matsya considers his Guruji.

Ek Thi Begum

Ek Thi Begum is a Crime, Action, Romance based web series which is written by Sachin Darekar and directed by Sachin Darekar and Jay Tank. Ek Thi Begum web series is available in both Hindi and Marathi languages. The web series consists of 2 seasons and 26 episodes.

The story of Ek Thi Begum is about Ashraf also known as Sapna who is the main lead role of the story. Ashraf is the wife of Zaheer who gets killed by Don Masood.

Ashraf is devastated after the death of her husband and decides to destroy Masood’s empire with the help of her beauty, sensuality and her intelligence.

Auction sexy hot web series

If you are looking for a web series that is a combination of bold scenes, nudity, sensibility and reality then Auction is the perfect choice for you. Auction is available on ULLU OTT application to watch for the audience.

The story of Auction hot web series focuses on trafficking and brings to the fore the important point that how the life of girls gets ruined once they come to this field. Auction Hindi sexy film revolves around the concept of auction where young girls are traded with mostly men for the highest bid.

To know what happens next to the girls whether they succeed in escaping from this hell and find their future you must watch Auction web series.


Dangerous is a crime thriller based web series available on MX Player OTT platform. The crime thriller story is written by Vikram Bhat and directed by Bhushan Patel.

The story of Dangerous web series revolves around a married rich business man Aditya. Diya is Aditya’s wife who is very nice woman and loves her husband a lot. One day Diya, wife of Aditya goes missing. Things get complicated when Neha enters comes into picture as an investigation officer to find his missing wife.

Hello Mini hot webseries

Hello mini is a thriller drama based web series available on MX Player. It is a directed by Farooq Kabir.

The story of Hello Mini hot web series is centralized around 22 year old girl named Mini who shifts from Kolkata to the city of Mumbai. Things take a turn when she realizes that someone is watching and following her secretly.

Other sexy web series

Lust Stories

Lust Stories is another popular hot web series available on Netflix OTT platform consisting four short film segments. The web series is has been nominated for several awards for its uniqueness and creativity.

The story of Lust stories web series is about the exploration of love, romance and relationships in the modern Indian families. The web series is an anthology that explores contemporary relationships with the help of various stories.

Suno Hot web series

Suno is a romantic web series available on Kukoo OTT App. Because of the unique storyline, hot and bold scenes the web series has created a huge fan following.

The story of web series revolves around a married couple where the husband will be decent and innocent. The wife in this series is sexy and is always in need of a relationship with different people. The wife starts having secret relations with many relatives and in-laws without the knowledge of her husband.


Saheli is another web series available to watch on Kukoo OTT app. Those who have watched Saheli web series episodes have appreciated the bold and sexy scenes of the actress along with her performance.

Saheli’s hot web series story revolves around two best friends. These 2 friends who are girls fall in love with each other. The two become so close that they realize that they cannot live without each other. To solve this problem, both the girls decided to get married.

But due to the pressure of their family and society both the girls give up their desire. Later when they realize they cannot live without each other they decide to undergo an operation to change their gender.

I Love Us

The next web series which is on our list is I Love Us. I Love Us series can be watched on Vimeo and YouTube. It has got a rating of 5.8 on IMDB.

The story of I Love Us web series is about two young beautiful women who fall in love with each other. The web series focuses on the complications that arise when two women find their sexual preferences in each other. To know the challenges that these 2 young women face from the society and the family one has to watch it.

Made In Heaven

Made In Heaven is a romance and content based hot web series which has received an IMDB rating of 8.3 by its viewers. If you are searching for concept, content and story based web series then Made in Heaven is the right choice for you. Another important thing about this series is that it focuses on many important things in the society that common people are not aware of.

The story of Made In Heaven web series is centralized around two characters one is male and another is female. These two characters are event planners by their profession. During their profession these two characters realize that marriage is not so easy than how it looks like.

These are some of the hot web series available on various popular OTT applications. Keep checking this page as we will be listing more and more hot Indian web series.