Quotes in Kannada

Here you will find some of the best quotes in kannada language along with the meaning of each quote. All type of quotes like inspirational quotes, sad quotes, motivational quotes, feeling quotes, Nambike quotes , life quotes, Swami Vivekananda quotes.

Tech Tips

Here you will find about tech related tips.

Seva Sindhu

Here you will learn about what is Seva Sindhu, various departments listed under the portal, process of registering in the portal, how to login, checking the application status in the portal, process if submitting the application through the portal and other details.

Essay Writing

Here you will learn about what is Essay in kannada, Types of essays and important tips to remember before writing an essay. Along with this you will find the essay topics in kannada that are asked in exams. For the purpose of better understanding some example essays are also given…Read More 

Letter Writing

letter writing homepage

Here you will find information regarding how to write letter in kannada, types of letters, format of formal and informal letter writing with examples. You will also find what is leave letter and examples of leave letter writing. Some frequently asked letter writing examples are also given…Read More

Stories Kannada

kathegalu homepage

Here you will find stories related to children in kannada. These stories not only entertain the kids but will also give a moral lesson to children. Here you will find moral stories, panchatantra stories, short stories, akbar birbal stories, tenali rama stories and many other stories in kannada…Read More

Funny Jokes in Kannada

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Here you will find some of the best jokes in Kannada language. From kids to adult anyone can read these jokes. These jokes are purely meant for children and there is no adult content in it…Read More

Information about Kittur Rani Chennamma in kannada

Here you will find information about information about Kittur Rani Chennamma in kannada, Rani Chennamma’s early life, problems faced by Rani Chennamma during British rule, war against British and some interesting facts about Rani Chennamma…Read More

About Swami Vivekananda

Swami vivekananda homepage

Here you will find information about Swami Vivekananda’s early life, education, meeting with Sir Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Vivekananda’s speech and the impacts of speech, starting of Ramakrishna Mission, Aim of the mission along with some interesting facts about Vivekananda…Read More

Kannada Poets

kannada poets homepage

There are many poets in kannada. Here you will find information about some of the poets in kannada. Poets birth, their education, their career, awards received by the poets along with their poetry…Read More

Hanuman Chalisa Lyrics with meaning in kannada

Here you will find Hanuman Chalisa lyrics in kannada language. Below each sloka you will also find the meaning of each sloka in kannada…Read More

Movie review sites

Here you will find details about some of the popular piracy movie websites like hdmovie2 and bolly2tolly. The purpose of these articles is to provide information about piracy websites and not to promote these piracy movie websites such as hindilinks4u.