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WordPress Tips


Here you will find answers for some of the most frequently asked questions related to wordpress.

Enable SEO in WordPress free of cost

To enable SEO in wordpress free of cost you can use the plugins that are available for free. Yoast SEO is the most widely used SEO plugin which is available in free as well as paid version.

Some of the popular SEO plugins are:

  • Yoast SEO
  • All In One SEO
  • Rank Math SEO
  • SEOPress
  • The SEO Framework
  • SEO plugin by Squirrly SEO
  • Slim SEO

Will my website traffic decrease after I migrate from Blogger to WordPress

Website traffic will not decrease after you migrate from Blogger to wordpress as long as the below conditions are met.

  • Make sure all your wordpress website URL’s are same. If there is any change in the URL then you might observe change in the traffic.
  • Make sure you have transferred all the pages or posts from blogger to wordpress.
  • Make sure all the internal links, menu links and all other navigational links are working fine. Check if any links are broken after you migrate from blogger to wordpress.
  • Make sure all the redirects which were there in blogger are working fine in wordpress site.
  • Check for sitemap and robots.txt file. After the migration submit sitemap once and wait till the Google bot craws all your pages, if there are any problems then you will find the issues in Google’s Search Console.
  • Make sure the titles and meta descriptions which were there in blogger, the same are retained in wordpress site after migration.

After you migrating from blogger to wordpress if everything is working like earlier then there won’t be any change in the website traffic. Also after migration it is very much necessary to retain the URL because in case of any change in the URL you will loose all the backlinks that were created earlier.

Is there any way to remove wordpress.com from your domain name without paying?

It is not possible to remove wordpress.com from your domain name without paying because the site was built using free plan. Once you to switch to the premium plan wordpress will allow you to connect your own custom domain, once you connect your own custom domain you will not be seeing wordpress.com in the domain. The best option is to pay and switch to standard plan or another option is to buy domain and hosting from third party service provider at cheaper price and redirect your domain which is having wordpress.com to your new custom domain.

Is it possible to make more than one website with single WordPress account

Yes it is possible to make more than one website with single wordpress account.

  • If you have free wordpress.com login, you can create more than one website in a single wordpress account. If you want to switch to the premium one with your custom domain then you have to pay for each one.
  • If you have self hosted wordpress site then you can make more than one site based on your hosting plan.
  • One more option is to go with wordpress multisite which allows multiple wordpress sites to host under one account.

Can I freely use copyrighted pictures in my unmonetized WordPress blog


Whether unmonetized or monetized blog you are not supposed to use any copyrighted images in your wordpress blog. If you really need an image then purchase it from stock images site. Single image might be available at a lesser price.

If you cannot afford or do not want to purchase from stock websites then there are plently of websites which provide stock images for free. Check whether the image that you are searching for is available in the websites that offer free stock images.

Some of the top websites that offer free stock images are:

  • pixbay.com
  • pexels.com
  • unsplash.com
  • pxhere.com
  • stocksnap.io
  • stockvault.com
  • rawpixel.com

To work in WordPress what other software need to be installed along

wordpress plugin

To work in wordpress usually no other software need to be installed. Once you have wordpress dashboard ready to use you can install some plugins based on your requirements. The plugins that you need to install totally depends on your work. i.e. for what purpose you will be using the wordpress site.

The common plugins that usually everyone installs after the wordpress site is ready includes:

  • Yoast SEO : This is an SEO plugin needed to add SEO related details like title tag, meta description tag etc.
  • Elementor : This plugin is nothing but a platform that helps in building wordpress sites.
  • Security Plugins : These type of plugins are necessary to protect your site from attacks and other malwares.
  • Backup : Backup plugins help in taking backup for your website. In case of any problem you can restore the backup.
  • Classic Editor : Once you install Classic editor plugin you will be able to see old wordpress editor.

Is WordPress required to post an article in a blogger?

We don’t need wordpress to post an article in a blogger. WordPress and Blogger both are totally two different platforms.

If you want to post an article in a blogger then you can create an account in blogger which is free and then you can start writing posts. The sites that you develop using blogger will have blogspot.com in the domain. If you want to remove blogspot.com from domain name you need to connect your own custom domain.

How to find details of any website is this wordpress or HTML base

wordpress page

If you want to check whether any website is wordpress or HTML then follow the below steps.

  • Check the URL of the website if the URL is having any extensions like .html or .php then it is static website.
  • After the domain URL, let’s say the domain is www.xyz.com add wp-admin that is www.xyz.com/wp-adminĀ if you see a login dashboard then it is a wordpress website.
  • Another option is open the website in browser, once the website is loaded completely press CTRL+U or Right click and select View Page Source if you find words like wp-admin or wp-content in the source code then it is a wordpress site.

These are some of the ways to find if any website is build using content management system like wordpress or HTML.

Layout of WordPress is also known as

wordpress page

Layout of wordpress is also known as template. Each wordpress website need to be build using a template which you can find under themes section in wordpress dashboard. The template may be free or paid one. To install layout or templates you need to login into your wordpress dashboard then move your cursor on AppearanceĀ and then select Themes. After redirecting to themes page you will be able to see lot of themes, based on your requirement you can choose and install the theme. WordPress also allows you to check the preview of theme or layout before installing it. You can check the preview how the layout looks and then proceed with the installation.