WordPress site not appearing on search

WordPress site not appearing on search

If your WordPress site not appearing on search then check for the below things. If the website is new then it may take some time for indexing. If the website is not new then something might be causing it from showing in search result.

Checking if the site is indexed


To check your WordPress site is indexed by Google you can use the below method.

Go to Google website in search bar enter “site://” after this type your domain name.

Example: site://www.yourdomain.com when you search your domain in this way in Google, it will show the list of your website pages that are indexed by Google. If you are not seeing any results then you may have to look for other things that are affecting the website from crawling.

New WordPress website


In recent days, for a new website it usually takes few weeks for Google bot crawl your site. This is because there are number of websites built and submitted everyday to Google for indexing. After your website is crawled by Google it may take few more days for it to appear in the search result. If you want your website and it’s pages to be crawled soon then you may have to start building the links to your website. Building quality links from high domain authority websites can help your WordPress site to crawl immediately and this will help the site to get indexed soon.

Check for sitemap.xml of WordPress site


Check if you have created and submitted sitemap.xml file. It is important to create sitemap file for your website and submit it in the Google search console. Sitemap file informs Google bot about the number of pages that your website contains. Also whenever you create any new page or modify the contents of your existing page it is mandatory to submit the sitemap directly to Google. After you have submitted the sitemap wait for few days for the Google bot to visit and crawl your WordPress site.

Check robots.txt of WordPress site


Check the robots.txt of your WordPress site if by mistake you have not disallowed your WordPress site pages. Disallow in robots.txt can prevent the pages from crawling by the search engine bots. If you have Disallowed then remove it immediately.

To check the robots.txt of your website, type robots.txt after your domain name.

For example www.domainname.com/robots.txt replace domainname with your domain name.

Check <head> tag of your WordPress site

Check the <head> tag of your WordPress site if noindex tag is added in the <head> section then this single line of code can prevent the search engine bots from crawling your WordPress site.

Noindex tag code is given below.

<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex, nofollow” />

To check whether noindex tag is added visit your WordPress site and then press CTRL+U or View Page Source, check the <head> section code for noindex tag.

If noindex tag is added then you can remove it from WordPress dashboard.  Go to Appearance -> Theme Editor -> header.php and remove the noindex tag.

Check deindex option of WordPress site


Check if WordPress site’s deindex option is enabled. WordPress provides an option to deindex the site from search engine. If the deindex check is enabled then it will prevent from your WordPress site from being crawled by search engine bots. If you have enabled deindex check by mistake then uncheck it immediately.

To disable WordPress deindex option visit Settings option of your WordPress site then click on Reading page. In the bottom you will find the option to disable Discourage the search engines from indexing the site.  Once this option is disabled you can submit the sitemap once again to crawl your WordPress site.

Check for WordPress site content


If the content on your site is of poor quality or is not related to what the user is searching for then chances are there that your page may not appear in search results. The content of your site needs to be unique, i.e. you are not supposed to copy any content from other sites.

Follow the below methods to fix content related issues of your website.

  • Try to write unique content of high quality.
  • Write content on the latest topics or the topics that are on trend. As the quality content on the latest topics will be less, writing content these topics can help your website to draw Google’s attention. This will help your WordPress site to index in less time.
  • Search the topics or keywords on which there are less search results available. Writing high quality content by choosing these type of keywords on which there are less search results can help your pages to rank easily.
  • Providing quality content related to users search queries will help to reduce the bounce rate of your website, low bounce rate can help in improving your WordPress site rank.
  • Make sure you have included your keyword in your content, title and description of your website. This signals the Google bot what your page is all about.
  • Start with long tail keywords that have less search volume. Starting with long tail keywords can help your page to rank easily in less time.

SEO of your WordPress site



Perform on page, off page SEO of your website. On page SEO involves on page fixes of your site which is nothing but improving the loading speed, content and keyword related issues etc. to provide best experience to the user. Off page SEO involves link building from high domain authority sites through article submission, directory submission, classified and business listing.

Performing SEO of your site helps in improving the trust score of your website which in turn helps in improving it’s page ranking.

Check if your WordPress site is penalized

search console message

Check if your site has been penalized by Google. Google may temporarily remove your site from search engine results if the site has violated any of the Google’s policies.

In case if your site is penalized by Google, check your search console Google will send you message regarding it along with the reason for penalizing your website.

Manual indexing of your WordPress site

If your site or it’s pages not getting indexed then you can try indexing it manually from Google search console. For manual indexing of your site your need to go to Google search console and inspect your website URL or page URL using URL inspection tool.

index request

Manual indexing is way of requesting Google after a new page is created. It is also used to request the Google bot to crawl your page whenever any page is modified or updated.

indexing requested

After you submit your URL for inspection, you will see a indexing requested message. If there are any issues in indexing then you will see the errors below, if the page is indexed successfully the you will see Indexing Requested message.