SEO techniques and strategy used to rank your website

SEO techniques and strategy used to rank your website

Here you will find SEO techniques and strategy used to rank your website easily in search engines. The techniques include on page and off page SEO methods that are needed to improve your website page rank in simple steps and less time.

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On Page SEO techniques and strategy used to rank your website


on page seo

The important On Page SEO techniques and strategies that need to be used to rank your website are listed below. Use these techniques and strategies in your website when you are creating pages or posts.

Domain with keyword

If you are building a new site and still have not purchased the domain yet then if possible buy domain that has your keyword in it. The domain availability depends on your keyword.

Let’s say your niche is something related to “training” then search for the domain that includes the keyword “training” in it. If you have already bought the domain then you do not need to worry, still there are lot of techniques  using which you can rank your website.

Include keyword in the URL

When you have to create a post or a page then make sure you have included the keyword in the URL.

For example your keyword is “short essay on swachh bharath abhiyan” then the URL can be

Choose best template for website

Make sure that your website look and feel is good. Do not use old or common web templates that are used by everyone. Try to search for new free templates that are available. There are lot of sites that offer templates for free. If you can afford then you can buy a template and start working on it. Attractive web templates attracts the users and increases user engagement.

If your site is built using wordpress then you can find free templates in wordpress under themes section. Other few websites that offer templates for free are,,

Loading Speed

The website loading speed need to be less than 5 seconds. Websites with minimum loading speed can rank easily as Google gives preference to the loading time of the website.  You can reduce the loading speed easily by following the below steps.

  • Remove if there are any unwanted plugins, Css and Java script files. These things have huge impact on the loading speed.
  • By resizing and compressing the images.
  • Choose a good hosting provider.
  • Minify CSS, JavaScript files.

Keyword in Title, Meta description and h1 tag

Title tag and meta description tag indicates the Google bots what your page is all about.

  • Include your keyword in title tag. Remember that length of the title tag needs to be less than 70 characters. Use your keyword only once in the title tag and do not repeat it multiple times.
  • Write meta description of length 140 characters. Include your keyword in the meta description only one and do not repeat the keyword several times.
  • When you start writing content for your site first thing must be h1 tag. Make sure the h1 tag has keyword in it.

You can search in Google to check how to add title tag, description tag and h1 tag for static and dynamic sites.

Keyword based content

Write an unique and fresh content of minimum length 1000 words. Make sure you include the keywords within the content at appropriate places. You can check the keyword density by making use of below tools.

  • SEO review tools
  • sure oak

Page design

When designing the page do not forget to include the below things.

  • Images related to your content wherever required.
  • Headings like h2,h3.
  • Examples

Off Page SEO techniques and strategy used to rank your website

off page seo

Off page SEO technique includes building backlinks, creating social media channels. Some important Off page SEO techniques and strategy used to rank your website easily includes.

Competitor analysis

List out your competitors and analyze their backlinks. List out the websites from which your competitors have built the backlinks and try to build backlinks for your website from those sites. Another way is to make a list of sites related to your niche and find the top sites under that niche and do proper backlink analysis, this will help to build dofollow backlinks from high domain authority sites.

You can use tools like Ahref, SEMRush for performing competitor backlink analysis.

Comment backlinks

Comment backlinks get indexed faster as Google crawls these sites very frequently. Hence build as much as comment backlinks. Find out the domains that are having high domain authority and offer dofollow comment backlinks through competitor analysis. One more best thing about the comment backlinks is that it is very much easy to create when compared to other types of backlinks.

Profile creation backlinks

Next type of backlinks that can be created easily is profile creation backlinks. Through analysis find out high domain authority websites that offer profile backlinks. In profile creation websites along with adding website in website field some sites also allow you to include website links in about section and signature section.

Backlinks from article submission sites

For creating backlinks from article submission sites, first thing is you need to write unique articles. If you think it is difficult to write multiple articles then write one unique article and generate various versions of it using article rewriter tools. One such tool is spinrewriter.

Some of the top sites offering article submission backlinks


Directory submission backlinks

Another best way to create backlinks is from directory submission sites. These are simple to create and doesn’t take much time. You can find out the list of directory submission sites and create backlinks from it.

Business listing and classified listing backlinks

There are many business listing and classified listing sites that offer backlinks. Find out list of sites and create backlinks from these sites.

Social media creation

Another strategy to rank your website is getting traffic from social media channels. Traffic from social media channels improves the trust score of your site and this in turn helps in improving website rank.

Other SEO techniques and strategy used to rank your website

seo tips

  • Initially, start with long tail keywords. Because long tail keywords are easy to rank without backlinks or with very less number of backlinks.
  • Once you start getting traffic to one or more pages of your website, include other pages of your website link in these pages as internal links. This will not only help in redirecting users to other pages of your site but will also pass on the trust score to other pages of your site. Do not include too many pages as internal links as this may affect your page rank.
  • Once you create backlinks, make a list of all these backlink URL’s in an excel sheet. This is because all the backlinks that you create won’t be indexed immediately. Include these backlinks in web 2.0 sites, using this method you can index the backlinks in less time. This process is called creating tier backlinks for the backlinks that were created earlier.
  • Increase the domain rating as much as you can because when the domain rating of your website is high any new page or post that you create will rank quickly and easily.