population explosion essay

Population explosion essay

population explosion

Here you can find essay about population explosion. This essay covers topics like what is population, what are the reasons for increased population, challenges that we need to face because of the increased population and the necessary measures that has to be taken to control the population.

Meaning of Population

Population means the total number of people in an area. The area can be a place, city, region, state or a country. For any country it is very much important to have control on it’s population. As a reason of increased population today many countries have started facing various severe problems.

Unfortunately, India is also one among such countries that is facing problems because of increased population. India’s population is around 17% of the world’s population. India is among one of the countries having highest population.

Reasons for Population Explosion

The main reason of increased population in India is illiteracy. Uneducated, poor and the people living in villages are the reason behind the increase in population. This is due to lack of knowledge on birth control methods among the people. The desire to have at least one baby boy in the family is also an another reason of increased population in India. There is no solution for this problem as long as people stop differentiating between male and female babies. Child marriage is also an another reason for increase in population.

Problems due to Population Explosion


Among the countries that are having highest population, China stands number one. India and USA stand next after China. Increase in population creates scarcity of essential resources such as housing, food, water and health. Increase in population demands increase in the resources, because of lack of availability of resources people of the region start facing problems.

Increase in population increases the consumption of non-renewable resources such as fuels. It will not only create deficiency of non-renewable resources but will also have adverse effects on the nature. Environmental problems such as floods, coastal erosion, volcanic eruptions can occur because of this. Increase in population will not only create problems such as unemployment, poverty but will also create scarcity of resources such as food, water and housing. This may create inevitability of fighting for the basic necessities of life.

Measures to be taken to control population

The only way to control the increasing population is to control the birth rate. The government has to educate the people in adopting various birth control methods. Measures like banning the child marriage, increasing the age of male and female for marriage are necessary. NGO’s and other organizations should start educating people about family planning.

To control population in India the government has taken several measures. For example, government has set minimum age for both male and female for marriage. The minimum age of male should be 21 years and for female the minimum age needs to be 18 if they want to marry. In spite of these rules the people who are living in villages and other remote areas does not follow them as a result still you can see child marriages in India. Strict rules are required from government to stop this.

Another important preventive measure taken by the government is providing education for free, Indian government is providing education for free to children under the compulsory education act.


Increased population has become one of the biggest problem in India. Even though the government of India has taken several measures to control the population, they have not been effective enough. There is still a need to take new and innovative steps to control this.

Hope this essay on population explosion helped you in understanding what is population, what are problems caused due to increase in population and measures to be taken to control the population explosion.