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movie rulz kannada

In this post we are going review about movie rulz Kannada movierulz Kannada website along with what this website is actually for, why the government banned this website and the alternatives of this website.

About movie rulz Kannada movierulz Kannada

Movie rulz Kannada is a piracy torrent website that offers recently released Kannada movies, other language movies like Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam language movies in Kannada language. Along with south Indian language movie movierulz Kannada also offers Bollywood movies and Hollywood movies in Kannada language. Along with movies movierulz Kannada website also offers web series in Kannada language.

The interesting thing about Movie rulz Kannada website is that day by day the popularity of the website is increasing. Most of the visitors of this website belong to Karnataka. That is, majority of the audience that visit movierulz Kannada website are from Karnataka state. Apart from Karnataka the website also gets visitors from other states where people will be searching for Kannada movies.

Categories available on movie rulz Kannada

Movie rulz Kannada offers below mentioned category content on it’s website.

  • New Kannada movies
  • 2021 Kannada movie
  • 2022 recently released Kannada movies
  • Tamil movies in Kannada language
  • Telugu movies in Kannada language
  • Bollywood movies in Kannada
  • Hollywood movies in Kannada
  • Malayalam movies in Kannada
  • Web series in Kannada

Features of movie rulz Kannada

  • If anyone thinks that movie rulz Kannada website offers only Kannada movies then it is completely wrong. The website also offers various popular old superhit Kannada movies, various web series in Kannada.
  • The website offers movies in 300mb, 400mb, 500mb, 1gb, 1.5gb and other formats. The website offers high resolution videos, movies, web series in lower resolution format. That is you will find high quality videos in smaller size files.
  • The website contains various ads in it. When you click on any link, button or anywhere in the website a a new page containing advertise will be opened.
  • Another great thing about movie rulz Kannada website is that it also provides an option to request for any movie which is not available in the website.
  • Another wonderful feature of this website is that for each video, movie which is uploaded on this website you will get to see its overview, cast, screenshot, rating and small description in each page.

Top movies recently leaked on movie rulz Kannada

Below are the list of Kannada movies which are released recently on movierulz Kannada website.

  • Oppanda Kannada original full movie
  • Love Mocktail 2 Kannada HD movie
  • Family Pack Kannada high quality movie
  • By Two Love Kannada original full movie
  • Old Monk Kannada HD movie
  • Ek Love Ya Kannada high quality movie
  • Dear Sathya Kannada original full movie
  • Local Train Kannada HD movie
  • K.G.F. Chapter 2 Kannada high quality movie
  • Shokiwala Kannada original full movie
  • Avatara Purusha Kannada HD movie
  • 777 Charlie Kannada high quality movie
  • Dear Vikram Kannada original full movie
  • Window Seat Kannada HD movie
  • Man of the Match Kannada high quality movie

Domain links of movie rulz Kannada website

The domain names which are mentioned below are the list of URLs which belong to movie rulz Kannada website. Everytime when the government blocks this piracy torrent website movierulez Kannada website will be again launched with a new domain extension.

  • movierulz.web

Present working domain of movie rulz Kannada is the domain link of the movie rulz Kannada torrent website which is currently working at present. As the government will be blocking the domain of this piracy torrent website continuously the website will be coming up with new domain name to keep the website running up.

Alternative websites of movie rulz Kannada

There are many piracy movie websites which are similar to movie rulz Kannada. Some of them are:

Is movie rulz an illegal website?

Yes. Since Movie rulz Kannada offers various piracy content like Kannada movies, web series and other videos it is considered as an illegal website. Pirated content is nothing but uploading content like text, image, video, audio or any other file that belongs someone else. That is, the content which is owned by someone is called pirated content. The person who owns this content is the actual owner of it and only he has the right to publish it.

Anyone else cannot post or publish the pirated content expect the owner or without the permission of the actual owner. As per the government law uploading or downloading copyrighted content is an offense and a punishable crime. That’s why movie rulz Kannada website is considered as an illegal website.

Is it a good idea to access movie rulz Kannada website?

No. As the website offers illegal content on it and the government also blocked the website it is not a good practise to access the content from movie rulz Kannada website. As per the law we should not access the content from the websites that are banned by the governemnt.

If you are really interested to watch Kannada movies, web series and other Kannada language related content then you can check out various apps and OTT platforms where all these content can be accessed legally without any problem.


Kannada Jnaana doesn’t recommend or promote piracy or torrent movie websites like movie rulz Kannada. The main intention of this post is to review the most searched website in Kannada website along with it’s features and other details like why websites like movie rulz Kannada are blocked by the government and why we are not supposed to access piracy websites.