How to do perfect SEO for getting high traffic

How to do perfect SEO for getting high traffic

Tips on how to do perfect SEO for getting high traffic to your website or blog

Here you will find some simple and easy tips on doing perfect SEO for getting high traffic to your website or blog.


Off Page SEO tips for getting high traffic to your website

Link building

link building

Build as many backlinks as possible. Backlinks are necessary for your website to rank higher. Building more and more backlinks will improve the trust score of your website and this will help your site’s ranking. When you are building backlinks make sure the links are from high domain authority and dofollow backlinks. The number of backlinks that you need to build depends upon the keyword competition and difficulty level. If the keyword difficult level is less then only few backlinks are enough, if the keyword difficulty level is high then you may require to build many backlinks.

How to build backlinks ?

To build backlinks make use of tools such as Ahref, SEMRush to analyze your competitor websites. If your site is related to education then list out some educational related sites and do analysis of these sites to get an idea about from which websites you can build backlinks.

What type of backlinks are helpful?

Building below types of backlinks can help to rank faster.

  • Article submission sites : Write unique articles related to your post and submit it across article submission sites. Make sure that you have added a backlink to your site to the keyword on which you are working. Before submitting article make sure that the article submission site offers dofollow backlink and it has a good domain rating.
  • Profile creation sites : There are plenty of sites where you can create profile about your website and add your website link while creating your profile.
  • Comment backlinks : Based on your niche, find out the list of websites that allow to submit comments. While writing the comment include your keyword along with your website link.
  • Directory submission : Find out the list of directory submission sites, choose the category to which your site belongs and submit your site.
  • Classified and Business listing sites : Create backlinks from classified and business listing sites related to your niche.

Traffic from other sources

social media

Try to get traffic from other sources like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and other sources. Whether organic or paid, traffic from these sources help in gaining Google’s trust and this will indirectly help in improving website page rank. When more and more visitors visits your website through trusted platforms like social media channels, Google will assume that your website contains useful information and will help in improving website ranking.

Start with long tail keywords

If you are a new blogger or you have just started your site then instead of starting with the keyword that has high competition start with long tail keywords that has less competition and good search volume. Working on long tail keywords that has less competition you can rank easily with less number of backlinks or without the need of backlinks. Once your website starts getting traffic, your site will gain Google’s trust and later you can work on high competition keywords easily.

Choosing Keywords


Before you start your work, it is very much important that you choose your keywords carefully. With the help of tools find out keywords for which there is good search volume and less competition. After the keywords are finalized another way to check the keyword difficulty level is enter the keyword in Google and find out whether you are finding relevant search results in the first page of Google for the entered keyword. If you find that Google is not showing the relevant results for the keyword that you have typed or Google is showing closest matching results then it is confirmed that there is no perfect content or page is available for that particular keyword. You can rank easily by working on this type of keyword with proper content.

Make use of Google Web Stories

Creating Google web stories can help to generate lot of traffic easily without much effort. So start creating web stories.

On page SEO tips for getting high traffic

Designing user friendly Website

user friendly site

When you are designing website make sure you are using attractive and latest template. Website with good look and feel attract the users and keep them engaged for long time. If you don’t know how to design a website, you can hire someone for designing your site or if you would like to the design by yourself spend some time in searching for good website template. Many nice templates are available for free if you find the right template then go ahead with it or if you can spend some money you will get lot of templates at cheaper price.

Website loading speed

website speed

Once the website is ready make sure the loading time of the site is less. This is an important factor in ranking of your site.  Website with less loading time can rank easily. The website has to load completely within 5 seconds. There are plenty of sites where you can check the loading speed of your website.

Ex: Google developer’s speed testing site, SEOsitecheckup etc.

These sites not only check your loading speed but will also give you suggestion regarding what are the factors that are affecting your site’s loading speed and suggestion regarding how to improve it.

Mobile friendly site

mobile responsive

As now a days the number of users browsing through mobile is increasing it is important to make sure that your website is mobile friendly and fits perfectly across all devices without breaking or without any alignment issues. There are several website’s which you can use to test the mobile friendliness of your website.

Ex: Google’s search console, SEOsitecheckup, smallseotools etc.

Content writing


When you are writing content for the website keep in mind that your content need to fresh and unique. The content should cover all the relevant information that the user is searching for. Include images, titles wherever necessary. Work on the methods which help in increasing the user engagement and reducing the bounce rate. When the bounce rate is less your site can rank easily.  While writing content make sure that you have included the keyword at appropriate places within the content. There are some tools available using which you can check keyword density.

Include keyword in title, meta description

It is very much important to include your keyword in the title and meta description of your website.  This will help the search engine to identify what’s your page is all about.