Hitler Kalyana

Hitler Kalyana

hitler kalyana

Hitler Kalyana Serial

Hitler Kalyana is a kannada serial that airs Monday through Friday at 7 p.m. on Zee Kannada.The serial is produced by Deelip Raj, who is also the main lead of the series. The lead female role is handled by Malaika Vasupal and this is her first serial.

Hitler Kalyana Cast

  • Dileep Raj as Abhiram Jayshankar also called as AJ (main lead of Hitler Kalyana)
  • Malaika Vasupal as Leela (mail female lead)
  • Nandini Murthy as Durga (AJ’s first nephew’s wife)
  • Neha Patil as Lakshmi (AJ’s second nephew’s wife)
  • Padmini as Saraswati (AJ’s third nephew’s wife)
  • Vidya Murthy as Sarojini (AJ’s mother)
  • Abhinaya as Kousalya (Leela’s mother)
  • Deepika Aradhya as Revathi or Chukki (Leela’s sister)
  • Vinay Kashyap as Prem
  • Shashank as Dev (Chukki’s lover)
  • Rakesh as Vishwaroop (AJ’s assistant)
  • Deepa as Shwetha

The Hitler Kalyana serial is a remake of the Hindi series Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, which aired on Zee Hindi. The series was also telecasted in Zee Telugu with the name Hitler Gari Pellam, Zee Tamil with the name Thirumathi Hitler, and Zee Keralam with the name Mrs. Hitler.

Story of Hitler Kalyana

The Hitler Kalyana story revolves around two main characters, Abhiram Jayshankar and Leela. One is Abhiram Jayshankar (AJ), who is a successful, non-emotional business man and a perfectionist. AJ doesn’t like non-sense or stupidity in his life and expects perfection in everything. AJ is a widower who lost his wife in some accident. This incident drove him into a world of sorrow. AJ could not be able to forget about his lost wife, Antara, and kept thinking about her all the time. When Antara’s situation was critical, AJ promised her that he would marry once again. AJ has 3 nephews (elder brother’s children) who are married. AJ’s daughters-in-law care about him very much and always obey AJ’s orders and are very disciplined because of AJ’s fear.

Another character in Hitler Kalyana is Leela, who is a kind and innocent girl. Leela is known for her neediness and the mistakes that she makes. Leela lost her mother when she was a small kid and was brought up by her father and stepmother. Leela’s stepmother doesn’t like her and always keeps scolding her for the mistakes she makes. Leela also has a step-sister who is also very kind and nice to Leela. Leela likes her stepsister very much, and she is always ready to do anything for her.

In some circumstances, AJ and Leela always keep fighting. Both will be hating each other all the time. In an incident when Leela’s stepsister tries to commit suicide and becomes serious, Leela immediately takes her to the hospital, but the doctor refuses to treat her as it is a suicide attempt. When AJ sees this, he informs the doctor to treat Leela’s step-sister immediately, and he promises to take care in case of any law related complications. Leela thanks AJ for helping her sister and gets impressed by AJ. Leela finds out that a married police officer who is behind her stepsister is responsible for her sister’s situation. Leela thinks that since AJ is very powerful, he can only help her to protect his stepsister from that evil officer.

Later in Hitler Kalyana, Leela meets AJ and tells him everything about how that evil officer, who is already married, is troubling her stepsister and asks AJ for help to protect her stepsister. AJ informs her that he will help her, but in return he asks her to promise whatever he says she has to do. Leela agrees to that, and AJ helps Leela by protecting her stepsister from that evil officer. Leela thanks AJ, but AJ says that he is not interested in her thanks. Instead, he asks her to marry him as per the promise she made.

Leela gets shocked after hearing this, and she doesn’t agree to the marriage. Leela says that she is not interested in that marriage and tells AJ not to force her. But AJ fixes that marriage, in spite of Leela’s refusal. Leela requested AJ to cancel the marriage as she was not ready for it. Since Leela couldn’t stop the marriage without any option, she escapes on the engagement day with the help of AJ’s first nephew and wife.

AJ finds her and brings her back to engagement ceremony. Leela claims she is uninterested in the marriage, which is why she fled the ceremonial. AJ gets upset by the incident and cancels the marriage(Hitler Kalyana) and informs Leela to get away from his life.

However, Leela’s mother joins hands with an evil officer and plans to make Leela’s marriage with AJ for the sake of money. Both make plans and succeed in making the marriage of Leela with AJ. After tying the knot, everyone, including AJ, comes to know that Leela is the bride and assumes that Leela has married AJ by cheating. AJ and his family, except AJ’s mother, get angry and do not accept the marriage. They don’t allow Leela to enter the house, even though AJ doesn’t accept her as his wife. But AJ’s mother, who likes Leela very much, supports Leela and makes her enter the house and informs AJ to forgive her and accept her as his wife.

Leela enters AJ’s house and the Hitler Kalyana serial is still continuing in the channel.

Where can I watch Hitler Kalyana ? 

On Zee Kannada channel

zee kannada

You can watch Hitler Kalyana in Zee kannada channel Monday to Saturday evening from 7 to 7.30 p.m. If you couldn’t watch in the evening you can watch the repeat telecast in the morning from Monday to Friday at 11 a.m. or in the evening 5 p.m.

On Zee5 website

If you cannot watch on television you can watch in Zee5 website, the link is given below.


On Zee5 App


You can also watch by downloading Zee5 mobile app. After downloading the app you need to register then you can start watching. Zee5 app link is given below