Gattimela Serial Zee Kannada

Gattimela serial Zee Kannada

About Gattimela serial zee Kannada

Gattimela serial Zee Kannada – Gattimela is the most watched and popular serial in Zee kannada channel. Gattimela serial telecasted in Zee kannada channel from Monday to Friday at 8 pm in the night. The serial revolves around two main characters Vedanth as Rakshith Gowda and Nisha Ravikrishnan as Amulya. The show is a remake of Telugu serial Varundhini Parinayam which was telecasted on Zee Telugu channel.

gattimela serial zee kannada

Start of Gattimela serial zee Kannada

Gattimela serial in zee Kannada was started on March 11, 2019.

Gattimela serial zee Kannada Cast

  • Rakshith Gowda as Vedanth Vashishta
  • Nisha Ravikrishnan as Amulya Manjunath
  • Abhishek Das as Vikranth Vashishta (Vedanth’s younger brother)
  • Ranjan Sanath as Dhruva Vashishta (Vedanth’s younger brother)
  • Anvitha Sagar as Aadya Sarthak Ashwath (Vedanth’s younger sister)
  • Suhasini Vashisht as Vedanth’s mother
  • Ravi Kalabrahma as Manjunath (Amulya’s father)
  • Sudha Narasimharaju as Parimala Manjunath (Amulya’s mother)
  • Gagana as Aarthi Vikranth Vashishta (Amulya’s elder sister)
  • Priya Achar as Adithi Manjunath (Amulya’s younger sister)
  • Girish Bettappa as Sarthak Ashwath (Amulya’s cousin brother)
  • Mahati Bhat as Anjali Manjunath (Amulya’s younger sister)
  • Sharanya Shetty as Saahithya (Vedanth’s ex-fiancee)
  • Ravichandra as Lakshmikanth (Vedanth’s PA)
  • Sony as Ahalya (Vedanth’s collegemate)
  • Laya Kokila as Paramananda (Vedanth’s maternal uncle)

Direction and Production of Gattimela serial zee Kannada

Earlier Gattimela serial of zee kannada was directed by Koramangala Anil and now it is being directed by R Kiran. The serial is produced by Joni Harsha later by Koramangala Anil and now it is being produced by Rakshith Gowda.

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Story of Gattimela serial zee kannada

The story revolves around three different families. Vedant belongs to a rich family and Amulya belongs to middle class family. Because of some incident in the past Vedant doesn’t like girls and doesn’t believe in the marriage. In the serial Gattimela Vedant and Amulya doesn’t like each other and always keep fighting for one or the other reasons. Amulya works in Vedant’s company.

In some circumstances Adya introduces Amulya as Vedant’s friend to his family and then onwards Vedant and Amulya become friends. Adya requests Amulya to act as Vedant’s friends and Amulya agrees for that. Even Vedanth himself requests Amulya to act as his friend till his younger brother Vikraanth’s marriage gets over.

During this drama, Amulya slowly starts getting attracted towards Vedanth because of his innocence and behavior. Amulya starts imagining about Vedanth all the time and she realizes that she has fallen in love with Vedanth.

Big twist in Gattimela serial zee kannada : With an idea of proposing her love to Vedanth, one day Amulya calls Vedanth and tells him that she is no longer interested in acting as his friend. But Vedanth misunderstands her and brings his employee Saahithya and introduces her as his friend to his family. After when Vedanth introducing Saahithya as his friends Amulya’s heart gets broken and she confesses her love to Vedanth after drinking. But Vedanth doesn’t consider her proposal serious as she was drunk. Also Saahithya slowly starts developing feelings towards Vedanth and thinks of getting married to him.

During Vikranth’s marriage Vedanth and Amulya slowly start getting closure. On the reception day of Vikranth and Arathi, Vedanth’s mother announces engagement of Vedanth and Saahithya. After hearing about the engagement, everyone gets shocked. Amulya thinks that Vedanth may stop this engagement and may get married to her. Vedanth starts developing feelings towards Amulya when he sees Amulya’s heartbroken when the engagement is announced and she starts crying.

Vedanth discovers that the items he gave to Amulya were carefully kept with her and enquires her about it. She thinks of once again confessing her love to Vedanth, but from the fear of rejection she tells that she loves him as a friend.

Vedanth slowly starts discovering Amulya’s feelings. When Vedanth’s mother plans his marriage with saahithya, Vedanth tells the truth to family members and breaks the engagement with Saahithya. For cancelling the marriage, Saahithya’s brother who is a politician kidnap Vedanth and blackmail him.

Later due to some reasons Vedanth gets angry on Amulya and this makes Amulya to resign from her job. Later when Vedanth finds poem written by Amulya for him expressing her love, Vedanth finally realizes that she truly loves him and wants to marry him.

Amulya tries to impress Vedanth through various ways but Vedanth does not accept it immediately, he plays with her for some time even after knowing that she is making attempts to express her love. Finally one day Vedanth himself confesses his love to Amulya, she becomes very happy and accepts it. Vedanth and Amulya hide their relationship and think that they will inform the family members after sometime.

When Amulya’s mother discovers that Amulya and Vedanth are in relationship, she makes a plan to spoil this relationship and takes oath from Amulya that she will not love or marry any boy from rich family. Amulya promises her mother with brokenheart thinking about Vedanth.

When Vedanth releases that Amulya wants to visit Taj Mahal, Vedanth and Vikranth makes arrangement for Amulya and her family to visit Taj Mahal. Vedanth proposes Amulya in front of Taj Mahal, when Amulya’s parents see this they take her from there. Next day when the family visits Taj Mahal, her parents accept Vedanth’s proposal to Amulya and they agree for their marriage.

Gattimela serial zee kannada still being telecasted you can watch in television or in zee5 app.

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How to watch Gattimela serial zee kannada

On Zee Kannada channel

zee kannada

You can watch Gattimela serial in zee kannada channel everyday at 8 P.M. from Monday to Friday. The repeat telecast will appear in the morning time at 9.30 A.M. If you cannot watch the serial in television then you can download the ZEE 5 APP in you mobile phone and watch the Gattimela serial. The specialty of Zee 5 app is you can watch the serial prior it is telecasted in the television. Through Zee5 you can also watch all the previous episodes of the serial if you wish to watch.

On Zee5 website

You can click on the below link to watch Gattimela serial in mobile.

On Zee5 App


You can also watch Gattimela serial in zee kannada by downloading Zee5 mobile app. After downloading the app you need to register then you can start watching. Zee5 app link is given below