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In this article one can find complete information about extramovies an illegal movie accessing website along with its special features, content categories offered by this website, list of latest movies leaked on this website along with detailed review of top movie leaked on this website and details such as why this website is blocked by government.

Extramovies is a illegal movie accessing website that offers recently released movies to watch online or access. The movie offers Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, South Indian movies, Korean movies and web series.

Features of extramovies

  • Extramovies website offers videos in various resolutions. In this piracy website one can find movies and web series videos in 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p resolutions. All the videos quality will be worth to watch. The audio and video quality of even 360p resolution will be good. The website offers high definition quality videos.
  • The website offers high speed accessing speed. Unlike In extramovies illegal movie accessing website there is no limit set on the accessing speed. As we have seen many accessing websites set limit on the accessing speed but in this website there is no limit on the access speed. The access speed totally depends on the internet speed using which you try to access it. Video files of size 500mb can be accessed easily in few seconds.
  • The website has improved its user interface. The earlier extramovies website user interface was much difficult to use and bit difficult for some users to use. The navigation part was much difficult and users were getting confused where to go. The poor user experience used to make the users to close the website within few seconds after they open. But now the user interface has been improved and its very much use to navigate through all the pages of the website. The language used on the website is English which almost everyone can understand easily.
  • The website is mobile friendly. After increase in the number of mobile users made all websites to be mobile friendly. When the mobile users of extramovies website increased the website team changed their website to make it more mobile friendly. The website can be accessed in both mobile and desktop easily without any problems. The website is supported in android, ios and all other devices. The speed and responsiveness of the website in mobile device is almost similar when compared with desktop device.
  • The website offers latest web series of various OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Zee5, Voot, Sony Liv, Sun NXT, YUPPTV, Eros Now, Alt Balaji, Disney plus Hotstar. Extramovies is the only website that offers web series from several OTT platforms.
  • The website offers movie from year 2013 to till date. The best feature of the extramovies website is here along with latest movies and web series one can find old movies as well. The website offers English, Hindi, South Indian movies from the year 2013. Those who did not get a chance to watch their favourite movies in the past or those who would like to watch their favourite old movies once again can find them here easily.
  • For each movie the extramovies website offers movie details like the imdb star rating, movie language, year of release, country in which the movie released, director, cast of the movie, movie duration, story line and screenshot of the movie which indicate the quality of the video.
  • Another best feature of extramovies website is that the website sends updates via mails to your mail id. There is an option where one can enter their email id to which the latest news, notifications will be sent. This is the only illegal piracy movie website which sends notifications and other updates via mail. This is one of the unique features of this website.

Content available on extramovies

As we understood illegal movie accessing website extramovies offers various language movies and web series. Below we will see the list of categories that extramovies website offers.

  • English movies
  • Hindi movies
  • Korean movies
  • Old movies
  • South Indian movies
  • South Indian Hindi dubbed movies
  • Romantic movies
  • Horror movies
  • Scientific-Fiction movies
  • Adventure movies
  • Action movies
  • Web series from Netfilx, Amazon prime, Zee5, Sony Liv, Voot, Alt Balaji etc.

List of recently leaked 2022 movies on extramovies

As we above saw the various type of content categories offered by extramovies, below we will see some of the popular movies of 2022 which were recently leaked on this website. As we all know after corona 2022 year was an important year for all cinema industries. Many high budget movies which were pending from 2 years released this year. Let’s see the list of movies leaked on extramovies along with detailed overview of some of the popular movies leaked recently on this website.

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore leaked 2022 movie leaked on extramovies

fantastic beasts extramovies

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore is a fantasy movie released on 15th April 2022. Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore movie is a third movie in the series and is directed by David Yates. Warner Bros Pictures is the distribution partner of the movie. The movie was released 2 weeks prior in London and 1 week prior in United Kingdom. Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore was leaked on extramovies immediately after its release on theatres.

The movie stars Eddie Redmayne, Jude Law, Ezra Miller and many other actors from Hollywood. The running time of the movie is 142 minutes. The estimated budget of the movie was 200 million USD and so far its box office collection is 207.9 million USD. After the movie leaked on illegal movie accessing websites like extramovies there was a decline in its collections.

The story of Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore movie revolves around Qilin a magical creature that can see into one’s soul and its future. The movie is interesting and received mixed reviews from the audience. If you would like to watch the full movie then we do not recommend you to access or watch it on illegal movie accessing websites like extramovies kindly watch it on the legal OTT platforms.

Metal Lords 2022 movie leaked on extramovies

metal lords extramovies

Metal Lords is a comedy drama based English language movie released on 8th April 2022. There are no details available regarding the budget and box office collection of the movie. The movie was leaked on extramovies website after a day of its release on theatres. The movie was directed by Peter Sollett. The runtime of the movie is 98 minutes.

Metal Lords movie received most of the positive reviews from the audience. The movie was rated 6.8 on IMDB and received 64% votes on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie received most of the positive reviews from teens for whom the movie was made. The movie was distributed by Netflix which is the distribution partner of Metal Lords movie. We do not recommend anyone to access or watch movie from illegal torrent movie websites like extramovies. If anyone interested to watch Metal Lords full movie then the movie is available on Netflix to watch.

The story of Metal Lords is about Sylvester who joins with his friend geeky who knows how to play a single drum in a drum set. When Kevin finds that there is an event name Battle of bands in school he signs up for the event. Later Sylvester start searching for the people who can play each instrument of the drum set to win the competition. To know if whether they succeed and win the competition you have to watch the complete movie.

Heropanti 2 Hindi movie of 2022 leaked on extramovies

heropanti 2 extramovies

Heropanti 2 is an action plus romantic Hindi movie released on 29th April 2022. The movie stars Tiger Shroff in male lead role, Tara Sutaria in female lead role, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and other Bollywood actors. The movie is directed by Ahmed Khan and music is composed by A.R.Rahman. The movie is distributed by AA films. The movie was leaked on extramovies torrent website post its release. Heropanti 2 is not the sequence of Heropanti which was released in 2014.

The movie received positive reviews from most of the audience. The audience appreciated Tiger shroffs acting, action, cinematography and music of Heropanti 2 movie. It is true that after the movie leaked on extramovies it was impacted on the earning of the movie. There are no details available regarding the budget and the box office collection of Heropanti 2 movie.

The story of Heropanti 2 movie is revolves around Bablu who tries to find out the sister of the heroine who escapes with her boyfriend before the marriage night. Bablu will be working for heroine’s father. To know the complete story you can watch the full movie in theatres, multiplexes, on OTT platforms or other legally approved channels. We recommend you not to access or watch the movie from illegal movie accessing websites like extramovies.

2022 K.G.F. Chapter 2 movie leaked on extramovies

kgf 2 extramovies

K.G.F. Chapter 2 is an action drama movie released on 14th April 2022. The movie was written and directed by Prashanth Neel. K.G.F. Chapter 2 movie stars Yash, Sanjay Dutt, Srinidhi Shetty, Raveena Tondon and other actors. The movie was made in Kannada language later dubbed and released in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam languages. K.G.F. Chapter 2 movie is the sequel of K.G.F. movie which was released in the year 2018. K.G.F. Chapter 2 movie was leaked on extramovies website after a day of its release in theatres. The movie created lot of records from day 1 after its release on theatres.

The budget of K.G.F. Chapter 2 movie was 100 Crores and its box office collection is around 800 Crores and the movie is still running in the theatres. K.G.F. Chapter 2 movie is highest earning movie of 2022 year. Expectations towards the movie were high after the success of K.G.F. Chapter 1. The movie received positive reviews all across the world. The movie was released across 10,000 screens worldwide. Even though the movie leaked on several illegal torrent websites like extramovies but many people opted to watch in theatres. The release of movie in movie torrent websites did not make much affect on its collections.

The story of K.G.F. Chapter 2 movie revolves around Rocky an overlord of Kolar gold fields. Rocky attacks on Virat and takes control over Kolar gold fields. After taking control over KGF Rocky orders to start mining work in 8 hidden mining areas. Then enters Adheera whose men attack Rocky and his people. Adheera wanted to capture Rocky, Adheera men block all gold export from K.G.F. During this time shetty clubs with Andrews and finishes all Rocky’s men across western coast.

Later Rocky stops all exports from K.G.F. after when he released. Then Reena proposes to Rocky, Rocky accepts it and both get married. After few months Reena informs her pregnancy news to Rocky. The story continues in this way. We recommend you not to access K.G.F. Chapter 2 movie from any of the illegal torrent movie websites like extramovies. If you are interested to watch the movie you can watch the full movie in your nearby theatres or you can wait till the movie is available on OTT platforms.

Why extramovies offers content for free?

Yes. Extramovies offers movies, web series and all other type of content absolutely free. There is no need to create account or no need of submitting credit card details. We do not have to pay anything for using this website. The website earns through the advertisements. Based on the number of impressions and number of users visit this website the earnings will be calculated. This is the reason for which the website offers various language movies and web series for free of cost.

Extramovies domain links

As extramovies website is banned by government the team behind it will be constantly changing it to keep the website running. If you are trying to access the website and it’s not opening then it is clear that the domain name has been blocked by the government and you cannot access it.

Extramovies come, extramoves xyz, exttramovies live, extramovies tv, extramoveis life, extromovies fund, extramavies run, extramovies art are the domain names of this website. As you can the government has blocked all these domain names and these are no longer working.

Present working domain link

Extramovies.co is the present working domain link of the website.

Alternative websites of extramovies

There are many piracy movie websites which are similar to extramovies. Some of them are:

Is extramovies an illegal website?

Yes. Since extramovies offers various languages pirated movies and various OTT web series for access it is considered as illegal piracy movie website. The owners of the website do not have rights on the content that is available on extramovies website. As per the government publishing pirated content is considered as an offense and is a punishable crime.

Is it safe to access content on extramovies?

No. As per the law accessing or uploading content from illegal movie accessing websites like extramovies is a crime. Also these illegal websites will be filled with several ads which can cause harm to the devices through which we are access this illegal movie accessing websites. Therefore it is not a good practise to access content on these websites.


Kannada Jnaana doesn’t support or recommend piracy or illegal movie accessing websites. The purpose of this article is to provide updated information about illegal movie accessing website extramovies along with its features, information such as why one should not access the website and reasons behind why it’s banned by the government.

We never support or encourage anyone to access pirated content such as movies, TV Shows or web series. If you are interested to watch or access movies, web series then we recommend you to access this information from the legally approved platforms or channels.

Also accessing movies and other content from illegal websites like extramovies affects on the collections of the movie. Therefore we recommend you not to access or access pirated content from illegal movie accessing websites.